CES 2011 Preview

CNET Science and Technology Information Network reported on October 9 that last year's CES, there are e-book readers everywhere, it seems that every computer maker has one out. And if there is anything to guess at CES 2011, we should see that every vendor is planning to launch tablets in 2011.

Of course, Dachang is absolutely involved. The earliest was Apple's iPad, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab, followed by the BlackBerry PlayBook, and PalmPad, whether it was a Windows platform tablet or a WebOS platform, would slowly surface.

The iPad is undoubtedly the first product to be listed, but can Samsung come from behind after cooperating with all telecom operators? Even so, will consumers pay? What about RIM? They are very strong in the corporate market, and PlayBook and the company's BlackBerry are very complementary.

I use the iPad every day. I was surprised by myself. When I first saw Jobs saying that the iPad was a third party between the iPhone and the MacBook, I totally didn't think I would need one (I also had an iPhone and a MacBook). And today I still carry my iPad and MacBook at the same time, when I go to some places, but most of the time because I fear that the iPad may not meet my needs, no matter what task the iPad can accomplish.

And when Android, RIM, WebOS, or even the Windows tablet market, the line between laptop and tablet will become increasingly blurred. There have been informal reports that the sales of netbooks have fallen, and once the platforms of various platforms are listed, no doubt notebook sales will begin to suffer.

Again, the biggest problem is still to fight against. Do you need a tablet? We already know that we want one, but does it provide us with experience that we cannot provide by combining two or three of our existing devices?

Do you want, or need, a tablet? If needed, which platform would you choose? why?

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