Shanghai Nanhu New District Accelerated Night Scene Lighting Project

In the future, the main roads and important areas of the Nanhu New District will become more beautiful and charming at night. Recently, the reporter learned from the Nanhu New District Management Committee that the new district will promote the construction of night lighting projects and accelerate the lighting process of urban night lighting.

As one of the sub-centers of Jiaxing City, Nanhu New District has built a large number of large-scale professional markets such as China Hong Kong City, International Electric City and Jiaxing Automobile Trade Park. The public facilities such as Linggongtang Cultural Theme Park and Jiaxing International Tennis Center have been built. In use, a number of residents such as the Australian Garden, Green Town and Kangqiao Garden have been accommodated. In order to create a beautiful and prosperous night view of the city, to facilitate and enrich the night life of the citizens, and to enhance the city's taste in the southeastern new city, the Nanhu New District will focus on the night view with the focus on Guangyi Road, Linggongtang Road and the surrounding areas of the Nanhu District Administrative Center. Lighting project.

The relevant person in charge of the management committee of Nanhu New District introduced that the night scene lighting project in key areas will be started soon. The buildings and facilities along the street should be illuminated as required. The main river water bodies and roads, bridges, squares and public land should also be brightened. Advertising, signs, shop invitations, etc. should be decorated in the form of neon lights, floodlights, electronic displays, light boxes, etc. Urban night lighting will adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials, new light sources, and implement environmental protection measures such as energy conservation and green lighting to prevent light pollution and improve the technological content and cultural taste of landscape lighting facilities.

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