Haosheng Industrial LED substrate research and development strength

Yi Sheng Industrial Taoyuan Guishan industrial zone was established only 15 years, but 10 years the number of manufacturers like to show the cumulative strength, both in the design and manufacture of PCB design or manufacture of LED lighting are showing success.

In recent years, Yi Sheng Industrial important innovations devaluation aluminum plate (MCPCB), currently use to make aluminum plate car plate and LED board majority, mainly due to high temperature heat conduction itself produced to facilitate heat dissipation. Another technological breakthrough "light pipe" illumination, the use of this L Yap Patent guiding tube has a light source and LED combination, the development of science and technology for hot carbon reduction products, specially designed and simulated condenser lens and the light guide tube relative Combined, it can provide glare-free illumination that is different from general luminaires. It has been verified by experts as the technology product with the lowest glare and the most stable light source and the lowest eye damage.

LED heat sink substrate

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