High-tech LED·Weekly | Trump is the “world watershed”, LED industry also enters the “new” opportunity cycle

This week, the biggest event in the world is Trump's election to the new US president. What specific impact will Trump win on the international system?

Francis Fukuyama, a senior fellow at the Stanford University's Freeman-Spoggley Institute for International Studies, wrote that Trump unexpectedly defeated Hillary in the election, which is not only a watershed for American politics, but also for the entire world order. in this way.

External commentary generally believes that Trump's election will bring more uncertainty to the world, because Trump's eight economic policy claims will bring many subversive changes to the world economy and policy.

As we all know, the North American market has always been the gold mining land of Chinese LED companies. The US market is the largest overseas market for Chinese companies, comparable to the whole of Europe.

Nie Pengxiang (Paul), the chairman of the Incentive Testing Association, has lived in the United States for a long time and is very familiar with the domestic industry. He is familiar with the North American market. For Trump's election, I also shared my judgments and thoughts with everyone.

1. As a result of stimulating the economy and tax reduction policies, the infrastructure will increase substantially. The renewal rate of the old public facilities in the United States will be accelerated. The tax cut will drive the construction of the Private Sector, and the GDP growth rate of the United States will increase. It is doubled on the basis of the current), and the overall demand for lighting products will increase.

2. The finished products of the lamps entering the US market, especially through the C&I (Commercial and Industrial) channel, will increase the threshold for entering government and public projects. The requirements for the government and public projects for Made in USA will be even worse than those for the Obama administration. The ability of lighting manufacturers will directly benefit, and importers may therefore reduce the import of finished products and purchase kits to assemble themselves.

3. The impact of consumer lighting products through the retail channel is limited, but market supervision measures will be strengthened, and various types of sampling and recalls will increase significantly, because this is the best technical barrier to trade, which is easier than direct tax increase. More.

4. Because Sichuan is not very flustered by the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Convention, the subsidy policy of the power company may be revised. At present, the subsidy for the Energy Star and DLC certified products is too artificial, resulting in a relatively large operational difficulty. And unfairness, which will have a direct impact on the manufacturers of the main ESCO direct channel, and more conducive to the Distribution to Contractor channel.

5. The demand for parts and components entering the United States will increase. It is expected that if the tax is actually added, it will only be for the finished product and will not be for the kit.

6. Increased investment opportunities in the United States, and domestic companies with strong strengths can get rid of various uncertainties by acquiring existing companies in the United States and quickly achieving control over the channels to obtain stable returns.

In this week, the High-Industry Research Institute officially launched the prelude to the 2006-2016 10th Anniversary Celebration. The first event - "2017 Industry" new "Opportunity and Senior Workers' 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration" was held on the day of the Double 11th.

More than 100 listed companies, new three board companies and typical corporate executives from emerging industries gathered together to discuss the development of strategic emerging industries in 2016, and look forward to the trends in technology, market, capital, and structure in 2017. The development of China's emerging industries.

Feige’s investment in emerging industries has given its own rumors: companies need to be bolder, more flexible, move faster, look farther, have a more specific business, and have a lower posture, and seize the current opportunity to further enhance their competitive strength. .

The most influential new three-board LED company that was awarded on the same day of the year, Huapu Yongming, Guangyu Lighting, Auman Lighting, Kegu Power, Emerald, Yachengwei, Zhaochi Energy-saving Lighting, Crystal Ke Electronics and Xuyu Optoelectronics have won 9 awards. (poke for details)

Multinational companies "backwaters"

BusinessKorea reported on the 7th that the Samsung LED team, which is part of Device Solutions (DS), recruited experienced R&D personnel. This is the first time since the LED team was downgraded and downsized in 2015. It shows that Samsung has changed its mind and wants to replace rumors. At the end of the picture, the LED business will not be sold.

Samsung has returned to the LED market with frequent action. Recently, a new chip scale package (CSP) LED module has been released. The new packaging technology removes the metal wires connecting the substrates, and the design is simpler and the price is more competitive;

In addition, the LED team's backlight module is also used for TV, lighting modules, smart phone LED flashing lights. In addition, the team plans to move forward to the sensor market in the future, such as image detectors and motion recognition sensors.

Recently, New Three Board Company Tongbao Optoelectronics announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Samsung Electronics to jointly develop LED lamp modules and lighting products suitable for market demand, and gain more market share to create greater commercial value for both parties. .

"Samsung is inseparable from LED, Samsung's LED is a very important part of Samsung Electronics." Samsung Electronics Vice President Tan Changlin emphasized the importance of Samsung LED in a public speech in June this year.

With the theme of “Lighting & Beyond, Samsung LED makes lighting more warm”, Tan Changlin focuses on Samsung's layout and strategy in the LED field. He introduced that Samsung LED mainly includes applications in three major areas of lighting, backlighting and automobiles. “In addition, we are also pulling the product line into the field of intelligent lighting.”

"Lighting LEDs have been the focus of Samsung for the past few years, and Samsung LEDs also attach great importance to the layout of the automotive field." Tan Changlin revealed that many Korean automakers have adopted Samsung's LED products. (poke for details)

Pay attention to the non-LED factors of this round of price increase

Recently, some insiders revealed that due to the continuous supply and demand of upstream copper foil production capacity, LED related circuit board products will usher in a new round of price increases.

At the same time, since October, the price of aluminum has skyrocketed. Since the supply-side reform since last year, the aluminum industry, which was once “high energy consumption, high surplus and high pollution”, has been shuffled, backward production capacity has been phased out, and domestic aluminum production has increased. The speed dropped significantly.

According to industry insiders, aluminum has risen by about 40%, steel has risen by 20%, aluminum substrates have risen by 40%, and almost all raw materials for lamps are rising. Among them, the most affected are the spotlights and panel lights, and the aluminum material accounts for a relatively high cost.

Behind the recovery of the overall market, the cost space of all links in the industry chain is almost close to the “lifeline”. “The price of raw material suppliers of circuit boards has actually started to increase since June, and has risen by three rounds so far, which has increased by 10%-30%.” According to industry insiders.

"For this price increase, we are still in a wait-and-see attitude." Zhou Shui-ming, general manager of Jiamei Times Lighting, stressed that as a LED lighting brand, enterprises will not easily adjust prices. If it is a phased price increase, it will have little impact on us. Two months to the end of the year; if it is a long-term price increase, the product sales structure will be adjusted first. We are also expected to be forced to adjust prices in 2017.

Zhou Shuiming revealed, "In addition to the aluminum substrate, the light guide plate (diffusion plate) will follow the price increase." (see the details)

LED lighting for cars really don't "play casually"

The automotive LED lighting market is welcoming explosive growth opportunities. On the one hand, the automobile main engine factory speeds up the introduction of LED lighting for new models, including automobile headlights; on the other hand, the new energy vehicle market is growing rapidly, and the demand for energy-saving lamps such as LED lighting is obvious.

According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of automobiles in the first half of this year were 12.8922 million and 12.829 million, respectively, an increase of 6.47% and 8.14% over the same period of the previous year.

According to data on the production and sales of new energy vehicles that are highly sought after by the market, in the first half of the year, new energy vehicles produced 177,000 vehicles and sold 170,000 vehicles, an increase of 125% and 126.9% respectively over the same period of the previous year.

It is undeniable that the rise of the automotive lighting market has also provided new market opportunities for LED manufacturers, and the future will become a new blue ocean for LED manufacturers.

After years of development, the LED general lighting market has long been killed by the price war into a "red sea." With the continuous growth of the automotive LED market, and the current average gross profit margin is generally around 35%-45% (the gross margin of the pre-installed market is more than 50%), LED manufacturers are actively investing in LED automotive lighting. In the "blue ocean" field.

Relatively speaking, the automotive lighting market is not as large as the general lighting market. So far, the domestic companies involved in the field of automotive lighting are not too many. Although starting from last year, many domestic enterprises are targeting the lamp market and laying out the layout, but there are not many large-scale enterprises.

It is also normal for a large number of companies to enter the automotive lighting market. However, in this process, many companies will face financial problems, cost-effectiveness issues, and technical problems. The survival of the fittest in the baptism of the market will be followed by the maturity of the entire industry.

The future of the automotive lighting market is the same as other LED markets. At the end of the competition, there will be only a few good manufacturers. (poke for details)

LED driver IC integration screen opens

The integration competition battle in the LED driver IC industry is opening.

On November 10th, Beijing Yitang Jichuang Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Beijing Yizhuang International Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (“Yizhuang Guotou”) and Beijing JiChuang North Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jichuang North”). The company (referred to as "Sui and Tang Ji Chuang"), acquired US power supply management IC design company iML of Exar, an American IC design manufacturer, for about $150 million, and officially completed the delivery.

iML is the world's leading provider of power management, color calibration flat panel display and LED lighting market solutions. The main products are programmable gamma correction buffer circuit chip / common driver chip, power management chip, LED lighting chip, etc. -GAMA products and VCOM products have industry leadership.

For a long time, several foreign driver IC manufacturers have not taken advantage of LED display and lighting driver ICs. Especially in recent years, the emergence of domestic drive IC companies, the huge competitive advantage in chip prices, so that foreign manufacturers of similar products in the market has no price/performance ratio.

At the same time, with the maturity of technologies such as LED linear solutions, as one of the core components of LED lighting, the driver IC is entering a new round of product innovation cycle. In this cycle, drive IC companies from China have taken the lead.

At the same time, the previous round of market competition has also eliminated many small businesses that rely solely on price competition.

"The behavioral consequences of the industry price comparison in the past few years have been highlighted. Now the profit of small factories has become more and more difficult to maintain, and the market elimination rate should be said to be getting higher and higher." Some industry insiders pointed out that the bigger the bigger, the stronger the strong. The situation seems to have arrived.

The driver IC industry has grown more and more mature today. The overall domestic technology level has been catching up with the international giants, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. The differentiated development route of enterprises is particularly important, including the quality control and design of enterprise products. Innovation. (poke for details)

Home and business photos are no longer guarded

In the era of LED lighting, the boundaries between LED homes and commercial lighting began to blur. Among them, many lighting companies have changed their inertia thinking in the past one market and started to expand horizontally in the lighting market.

Since the beginning of this year, Op, one of the traditional home lighting faucets, has begun to accelerate the launch of commercial products. NVC, which started with commercial lighting, is also accelerating the investment in the relatively weak home lighting market during the traditional lighting period.

Following the launch of the lighting brand “Berkeley”, this week, NVC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NVC, entered into an equity transfer agreement with the transfer party, Zhongzhonghe Investment Co., Ltd.

The parties agreed to purchase a 25% equity interest in Yao Neng Holdings Co., Ltd. (target company) sold by Jinzhonghe Investment with a preliminary share price of RMB 225 million. Yao Neng Holdings holds a series of international patents for new generation LED semiconductor technology and a 50% stake in Zhongshan NVC.

Just in February of this year, NVC Lighting has invested RMB 500 million to acquire a 75% stake in Yao Neng Holdings Co., Ltd. Upon completion of the acquisition, NVC Lighting will hold a 100% stake in Zhongshan NVC.

According to industry analysts, NVC lighting is intended to strengthen the control of NVC lighting in the home lighting business, and Zhongshan NVC is the main force of NVC's home lighting.

At the 2015 annual meeting of NVC, NVC Lighting Chairman Wang Donglei once said that in 2015, NVC has achieved sales of 860 million yuan, a contrarian growth of 32%. In 2016, NVC’s target was 1.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40%. %. Next, we will fully support the big home business and win market strategic opportunities.

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